Striving for seamless connectivity from ground to air

April 20, 2017

The available bandwidth for inflight connectivity is increasing at an impressive rate, having a big impact on the quality of inflight internet connections which up until now were often seen, as some social media users termed it, as “irritatingly slow”. Thanks to the improving technology used by satellites, antennas, modems and even communication protocols, the throughput delivered to passengers is reaching an acceptable and sometimes excellent level of connectivity and is starting to catch up with the insatiable demand for bandwidth, consumed for example by heavy applications such as live TV or Netflix. The overall connectivity market and its numerous stakeholders are starting to reap the benefits of major investments made in the past few years.

The need for connectivity solutions on the ground gives hints as to how the needs for connectivity in the sky will evolve. Permanent connectivity has become a commodity on the ground and applications are becoming increasingly data-hungry to fill the full spectrum, creating a continuous need for greater available bandwidth. With the advent of inflight connectivity, passengers’ expectations are shifting towards a seamless flight experience with the same level of connectivity as that on the ground. The only difference is that the environment is much more unfavorable to the deployment of connectivity technologies considering that this addressable market moves at Mach 0.82 as up high as 35,000 feet above the ground. Adding to passengers’ needs, Big Data, IoT, data analytics and all data related buzz words that are widely used today are all data consuming services that may drive the need for greater bandwidth.

Euroconsult, the leading consulting firm specialized in connectivity and telecom, maintains a constant research program on the IFEC sector. For those who wish to have a more in-depth analysis, a research report dedicated to “Prospect for Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity” will be released in May 2017. Further information on Euroconsult’s research products and tailors consulting services can be found here.

Euroconsult also organizes the unique executive conference dedicated to Inflight Connectivity. Called SmartPlane, the conference brings together the leading decisions makers impacting the evolution of this market to present their growth strategies during a series of keynote speeches and roundtable discussions. The success of last year’s edition is evidence of the growing number of opportunities for all inflight connectivity stakeholders in this market. The 2nd edition will take place at the Westin Paris Vendome on September 11, 2017. Visit for more information.

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Florent Rizzo

Florent is one of Euroconsult’s experts in aero connectivity. With over ten years of experience in the aerospace sector and holding a masters in engineering and an MBA, Florent uses his business, managerial, technical and international expertise to advise clients, including airlines, service providers, satellite operators, etc.